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If (€)U don’t move, we won’t move!

After the Youth in Luxembourg joined the international strike movement against climate change on March 15th, we will be out again on the Luxembourgish streets on May 24th.

On May 24th, climate strikes will take place all over Europe. The international movement chose this date for further actions, in order to use the discussions around the European elections to elevate the pressure for a system change. Hence, climate change is a global phenomenon that cannot be solved on a national basis. Climate breakdown is the political priority during these elections. On the weekend of the European elections, young people from all European countries will take to the streets to send a strong signal to both politicians and citizens: European elections are climate elections!

We see no other option than to continue bringing awareness to the existential threat our generation is facing. The air, the water, the earth are still being corrupted and compromised; continuing on this trajectory is condemning us to extinction. Until now, our politicians have not yet changed trajectory. We deem it necessary to raise political pressure to get the change we need. This is why we are organising an action of civil disobedience, where we are blocking the traffic on the Red Bridge in Luxembourg City. The practice of civil disobedience consists of citizens standing up against their government non-violently, but determined to disrupt and change the status-quo.

Solidarity does not stop at borders, we specifically invite activists from the Greater Region to join our action in Luxembourg-City. Youth of Luxembourg, join the non-violent civil disobedience action! Parents, teachers, adults, frontier workers join us!

We will be in the streets, we will be loud and we will be heard! Meeting Point: May 24th, 3pm at Place de l’Europe at Kirchberg

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Signed by: Youth for Climate Luxembourg, Rise for Climate Luxembourg, Laika, Attac57, Fridays for Future Trier