Youth for Climate


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We demand that:

  1. Luxembourg must achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.
  2. Luxembourg is not too small to make a difference: tax evasion and fossil fuel investments need to be stopped.
  3. Climate justice means international and generational solidarity.
  4. If the current system cannot meet our demands, we need a system change.

We are facing a climate emergency. Our very own future lives are at stake. The government doesn’t take the necessary measures to tackle climate breakdown.

Even here in Luxembourg, we have started facing the first effects of our inaction. While the memories of last year’s terrible floods in the Müllerthal are still fresh in our minds, we have seen the ravaging effects of two major wildfires within a few days. This has not happened here in decades. In early August, another sign of erratic weather was shown by a sizable tornado overrunning southern Luxembourg and leaving enormous destruction behind. The climate crisis has shown itself to come at a high cost for all of us.

The big climate action UN Summit, taking place on 23rd September 2019, is humanity’s next big chance to turn things around. The world leaders will take important decisions; alliances will be created, and we have to make our voices heard to guarantee a safe and liveable future for all beings.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a good start, however lifestyle contributes a mere 25% of the emissions. If we want to save the world, the ones causing the other 75% need to transition to an environmentally based economy rather than one based on growth.

Let’s tell them together, that we are scared and need them to move in order to save our future!

Our goals are to:

We believe an act of mass mobilisation cannot and will not go unnoticed. Join the action and be part of the change!