Youth for Climate


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In addition to an incredible effort for our public health, we demand that:

  1. the Climate be a top priority in any steps taken;
    1. that polluters are held accountable, and that any bailout they receive must come with strict terms to protect the environment; for example, that banks no longer invest in fossil fuels, or that datacenters move to a carbon-neutral energy source;
    2. that regulations on environmental protection are strengthened, to prevent further exploitation of nature during the crisis;
    3. that polluters are not given a free pass to break regulations and laws because of a strained justice system;
  2. the People be put first in any bailouts;
    1. that bailouts for corporations and industries not come at the expense of working people;
    2. that economic relief is provided directly to the people;
    3. that nobody is left without shelter, food, water for any reason;
    4. that the disadvantaged in our society aren’t left behind in our approaches to this crisis;
  3. there be a focus on international solidarity;
    1. that governments worldwide work together without leaving the people they represent behind;
    2. that no disenfranchised people globally are overlooked or disregarded;
    3. that blatant erosion of democracy and increasing authoritarianism are not tolerated;
  4. these demands are in addition to, not instead of, our previous demands, which are:
    1. Luxembourg must achieve carbon neutrality by 2030;
    2. Luxembourg is not too small to make a difference: tax evasion and fossil fuel investments need to be stopped;
    3. Climate Justice means international and intergenerational solidarity;
    4. if the current system cannot meet our demands, we need system change.

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