Youth for Climate


Timeline of YfCL’s actions:


Launch of the KlimaPakt 2.0

YfCL was at the present during the launch of the KlimaPakt 2.0 and we presented our concerns to the mayors and ministries present.


YfCL meets the Ministry of the Environment

On the 26th of November, YfCL met the Ministry of the Environment because of the platforme climatique. Our demands were not met.


Manifestation sept 24 - Eis Steet d'Waasser bis zum Hals

On the 24th of September, Youth for Climate Luxembourg organized a climate strike. 3000 people joined the strike with many more in other cities and countries as this date was chosen by Fridays For Future International as a global strike day.



Cycling For Future

On the 10th of September, Youth for Climate Belgium, Fridays For Future Netherlands and Youth for Climate Luxembourg organized a cycling action near the European Parliament in Brussels to show that the climate is an international problem. At the same time in Germany, Ohne Kerosin nach Berlin was also doing a cycling climate strike.


YfCL sends an open letter to the Luxembourgish government to urgently take action

On the 26th of April, YfCL sent an open letter to the Luxembourgish government to urge it to take meaningful climate action as science suggests it to do. The Luxembourgish government must plead guilty to the charges brought against them by the six Portuguese youths before the European Court of Human Rights.
Click Here to read the letter.


Manifestation - No More Empty Promises

On the 19th of March, YfCL held a protest in front of the chamber of deputies to once again demand climate action and stop the ignorance of politicians.



YfCL is rewarded the 'Präis Hëllef fir d'Natur' by the national museum of natural History

On this day, YfCL got the ‘Präis Hëllef fir d’Natur’ because of its engagement to preserve nature and in order to encourage us even more to continue. We also expressed our concerns about the climate to the ministries present with speeches.


YfCL is at Autofestival

On the 30th of January, YfCL went to the Autofestival in Bonnevoie to warn car buyers about all the misinformation spreading about the impact of cars on the climate.


Climate Action

Along with United for Climate Justice, YfCL organized a climate action to remind everyone that even during those times, the climate cannot be ignored.




On this day, YfCL was present at the chamber of deputies to ask for meaningful actions for the climate and sanitary crisis and warn the government about the fact that the climate crisis will only worsen during the pandemic.


Fight Every Crisis

On the 1st of May, YfCL organized a climate protest online over zoom. The pandemic makes it complicated to gather large crowds so we decided to continue striking online.
We must fight every crisis, be it a sanitary or climate crisis, urgent and significant actions needs to be taken.


Under Climate Pressure Protest

On the 29th of November, YfCL organized a climate protest in front of the chamber of deputies to once again ask for meaningful initiatives to reach climate neutrality by 2030.


Climate protest at the EIB

On this day, YfCL gathered to stand in front of the European Investment Bank to protest against the counter-productive investments in fossil fuels.
Investments into renewable energies have a large impact on the development towards a sustainable society.


27 Sept Strike

On this day, YfCL organised a strike with a march from different places all gathering at the place clairefontaine.


Flower Power Action

Critical Mass organized a workshop do make seed bombs at the Kinnekswiss. Biodiversity is an important topic when it comes to the climate.


Clean Up Day for Future

The official Clean Up Day for Future was raise awareness on plastic waste by cleaning the streets of Esch-sur-Alzette.


20 Sept Strike

3000 people gathered to march from the Gare Centrale to the Kinnekswiss to once again demand meaningful action to solve the climate crisis.